Feed the Poor

Jesus said, “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.”  Every day thousands of children die because of hunger. Missions of children live on the streets of India without food and clothes. WIthout hope, they live in despair, trying to survive by begging day after day. We help children by providing warm meals, and poor families with children by supplying buckets of rice and dry staples.

Hundreds of million s of people in India do not have access to clean drinking water. Much of the available water is polluted and disease-ridden, which is one of the root causes of sickness and premature death especially among children. We bring clean drinking water to many slums and remote villages daily. When we drill water wells in villages many come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ because He cares enough to help improve the quality of their lives. Supplying clean drinking water means giving them better health. We are seeing tremendous change in the areas where we supply water.

Clean Water Supply and Water Wells

The standard of healthcare in India is very low, ranking behind other developing countries. More than half of the children in India don't get the basic healthcare they need. Approximately 10 million children die each year due to inadequate healthcare. More than 65% of all children in India are ill and unprotected from treatable and preventable illnesses. Mission in Action provides basic healthcare for children mainly in rural areas. We also teach and educate parents proper care for their children's health. Our effort is to bring hope and make a difference in this hurting world. With your support and our skilled medical care we are continually making a difference.

Medical Clinics

Mahatma Gandhi, India's Father of the Nation, once said,"Mass illiteracy is India's sin and shame and must be eradicated." His urge is far from being acted on. THe illiteracy rate is alarmingly high. Over 40% of India's population can't read or write a simple sentence in any language. Illiteracy is most common in slums and in rural areas. Poor families, thinking only of survival, send their children to work or beg. Illiteracy is the reason more than 70% of India's population still live in poverty without the basic necessities such as food, clothes, clean water, proper housing etc. Mission in Action is making the difference. We help and save defenseless and vulnerable children who are deprived of their rights and privileges. We are committed to assisting them in reaching their God-given potential. Our school takes street children and rescues them from child labor and abuse, gives them a good and proper education and teaches them the Bible and Christian ethics. THe children receive school supplies, school clothes and daily lunches.

Primary School

Our Children's Homes are place of hope where a child's lives is restored and new life begins. Orphans and destitute are taken off the street and placed into one of our homes where they can become all God wants them to be in life. The children have home, three meals a day, cloths and education.  Most importantly the children are thought the Word of God and grow in a positive spiritual atmosphere of love and hope. We are dedicated to help and assist each child to reach their God give dreams and to maxims their potential for a better future.


Children Homes

When natural disaster strikes, hundreds and even thousands become victims in a matter of moments. Our relief workers provide aid to disaster victims, basics like water, food, blankets, clothes, medical care and shelter.

Disaster Relief